Overdressing may feel like going naked in public

I am fan of couture and I somehow often end up turning haute couture like designs into pret-a-porter, opting for matte, stretchy textures which allow me to push up things to a whole new level.

People are not that understanding when it comes to wearing what can easily classify as an evening attire early in the morning. Beyond judgemental and ironic looks, overdressing may trigger a feeling of uncertainty, discomfort and aching self-awareness. Just like going naked in public. But it still feels damn good when, beyond pride and prejudice, what you wear reflects exactly who you are. In love with fashion...

   Ever since my best friend took her photography passion to a brand new level, the idea of "fashiontography" experiments became a genuine source of excitement. These great photos are her latest achievement in terms of perfect lighting and impeccable model nagging (I'm not complaining of a back ache though:p). Thank you!

                  Forever Unique Skirt via Asos.com, Stradivarius T-shirt, Bershka Heels, Accessorize Bag

Advice for today? Well, wear whatever fits you (but try to stay remotely appropriate for the time of day and place to be). And, most importantly, check out some really nice photography delights here, courtesy of Raluca.

Never take fashion too seriously! Nor the others... 

By Roxana Madalina


Black & Gold- possibly the one thing better than black&white

Since a picture is worth more than a thousand words, or at least this is what the saying brainwashes us into believing, I will spare you my usual monologue and focus on all things fashion.

Whenever I think of black&gold, the classic Moschino staple belt pops in my head. I believe in B&G as much as I believe in cashmere, which is why I went for a simple look, with oversized golden accents, and a brick red touch.

                               Mango Dress, Benvenutti Shoes, D&G, Asos & Stradivarius Jewelry
   The animal print does a great job in emphasizing the overall vibe of the outfit, though I went a little experimental mixing two different approaches of the same pattern.

    Since words are something I can't really grasp today, I will retire with some dignity behind the rest of these old pics I found today in my archive.


Annnnd... Happy Birthday, sweetie!

Never take me or fashion too seriously!


Special Post: OnLove, Friendship and Digital Divas by Avon- Fashion Blogger Newcomer Nomination

It is such a cliche, but I cannot stop myself from uttering it. It sounds loudly and clearly in my mind: my blog is not an egocentric display of more or less fashionable behavior. Of course not. 

It is about the  greatest things in my life: my relationship (well, this guy supported all my decisions and stood in the middle of the street in full blizzard to take pictures of me totally embarassing myself; enough said) my two new jobs, which kept me from writing altogether, without resenting it even a little and my wonderful friends. Amazing friends, who never let me down, friends who made life worth living in every little bit. 

When my best friend started taking pics of me, it was obvious she had a talent :D. She made me look less stupid, thanks to good lighting, and taller, thanks to clever framing. And, after such a long absence (I feel another one is about to take over), I dedicate this post to her. To the wonderful photographs she takes, which are no match for her wonderful vision of things. And, given that she is training to be a photographer... there are some good prospects ahead.

Now, for the little accomplishments of my own. It so happens that my poor blog has been nominated under the Best Newcomer Fashion Blog Category. Shocking, yet so rewarding.

I was then browsing through the criteria of selection: general aspect of the blog (something I had been willing to change for a while, it never happened. I am pretty sure it looks like a toilet, an artful toilet), frequency of posts (enough said...I don't stand a chance), etc.

                           Lashez Top, Levi's Jeans, Orsay Jacket, Poema Bag, Dasha.ro Shoes  

Oh, screw it guys, I am not going to win anything, but I just felt, on this lovely sunny day, something great. I guess it is that feeling that is to be talked about, but dare we not dream of it: reward. I feel rewarded. And while I want and need to thank Digital Divas by Avon for this, I want to thank my friend, for her wonderful support, and my ex-boss, for guiding my first steps into a world I no longer crave, but I still adore.

See you guys,

in about a month a two.

Never take me or fashion too seriously!


Tweed Theory: A Classical Approach

I must confess I believe tweed to be an utmost symbol of classic elegance. I suppose this is due to the exquisite house of Chanel, which daringly took tweed out of its zone of comfort and gave it this elegant, smoothly office chic edge.

   Zara Skirt, Jacket and Blouse, Mini Prix Shoes, New Look Bag, Asos & Forever 21 Jewelry

So it is that I paired my fuchsia tweed jacket with a basic in any dressing, a black skirt with a slit. I chose the dotted blouse in order to experiment a little with the idea of mixing prints and patterns, but  kept the accessories rather neutral.   


   The Victoria Beckham "I just broke my back" pose. 

I am again wearing my black and neon killer heels. Now I know what "killer heels" means. I fear I may drop dead at any time. But God, they're gorgeous. 

Yours truly, 
Roxana Madalina


Roberto Cavalli launched his first Romanian showroom. Where Fashion meets Luxury

So it was that a new grand designer found this amazing corner to host his wonderful mix of daring pret-a-porter and hectic couture. The new Roberto Cavalli store brings genuine Italian fashion into the very heart of Bucharest, namely the luxurious J.W. Marriott shopping galleries. Alongside names like Louis Vuitton and Escada, the showroom opens the gates of true style to the Romanian fashion addicts. 


I must confess I attended the opening ceremony with a shadow of doubt, given that most Cavalli designs are too eccentric for a girl like me, who never wears an Oscar silk gown with animal print to work. I’ve never been the number one fan, leaning rather towards DSquared2, Balmain and Burberry aesthetics. I could even digest Dries van Noten better. But I absolutely loved the pieces on display.
As one could expect from the very beginning, the accessories were top notch.

 Everything from baroque to rock chic influences and reptile-like textures screamed hot trends as seen through the eyes of Cavalli’s genius.



Snakeskin? Not so much

Now, here’s something interesting. See this bag? It looks like snakeskin, but it is in fact perforated skin made to look like snakeskin. Well, that is something I totally dig. Not the best picture, but it was sooo crowded.

The animal print and metallic dresses were no surprise. There is nothing more defining for Roberto Cavalli’s aesthetics. 
A dress with a tail :)

 I loved the scarves, the silk screams for a gentle touch.
 The sunglasses were impeccably displayed and I love how the pictures turned out. 
 The color-corner: this is spring in full bloom. Love it!

 Baby pink shredded leather pants. A new type of pastel

I know I said “love” a hundred times, but some pieces were breathtaking. The light was really unflattering for portraits, but I wanted to show you an interesting pair of soft baby-pink leather pants: See how they have been trashed down to a grunge aspect? 
So, ladies and gentleman, you can now shop at Roberto Cavalli’ showroom in Bucharest, in the Grand Avenue Shopping Gallery, at the ground-floor of J W Marriott Hotel. And, if shopping is not an option, then just go eat your heart out. I did. And I can confirm some liver damage.

Yours truly,

Roxana Madalina